Here at J & M Bespoke Fabrications, we are taking design and manufacturing to the next level. We offer a complete package from start to finish with initial designs all the way through to the completed article. 

At J&M Bespoke Fabrications we are able to provide:

  • Bespoke designs

  • Onsite visits

  • Manufacture

  • Installations

Our fabricators are MIG/TIG compatible and will work with ferrous and non ferrous materials.

We have a product range of industrial style furniture but we don't just stick to one item or product, we are very versatile in what we do, ranging from structural steel work to bespoke furniture, all designed and manufactured in-house. 

Installation is also given as an option as we have a dedicated team at the ready.

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We believe that we offer a very unique service. Mainly because we offer the whole package all done in-house start to finish.


Our Design team has vast experience in several sectors which gives us an edge over our competitors. 


Our design team can produce a unique range of items or products that we can fabricate to a very high standard. We like to encourage all enquires no matter how big or small. All designs will include high-quality drawings and rendered images that will give customers peace of mind that the work will be done at an excellent level.


We have a welding team with over 40 years of combined experience that always provide a great quality of welding, no matter on the timescale.


Unlike other fabricators, we want to take away the huge costs involved with the word bespoke and bring the prices into the real world, where we can all afford special items which are fit for purpose.

Check out our gallery, click the link below.